Brunch all day, everyday! Claremont has the perfect dining options to savor every moment of your morning whether you have big plans for the day or are just getting started at noon!
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Start your day off right with a delicious breakfast or brunch at local restaurants in Claremont! Not sure what to eat for the most important meal of the day? These are the ‘BEST OF’ Breakfast & Brunch spots and there’s no better way to get your morning started off right.

Ricotta Toast, Twice-Cooked Peewee Potatoes, Citrus Salad, Chicken 'N Waffles, and French Toast. It's an all day brunch.
Delicious brunch spread from new restaurant Honeybird located in the Claremont Village Plaza.
Food featured from left to right: Ricotta Toast, Twice-Cooked Peewee Potatoes, Citrus Salad, Chicken ‘N Waffles, and French Toast.

If you’re hungry for the most incredible breakfast or brunch, Claremont is a foodie-lover’s dream. Start your day at any one of these ‘best of’ breakfast and brunch spots and get a taste of what locals — and everyone who visits — is talking about right now.



There are many ways to fall in love with a city, especially if you have a passion for great food. Bardot Restaurant is one of those chic places with a gourmet menu that truly deserves your adoration. If you’re looking to immerse yourself in our California climate and have a glamorous dining experience with friends, this is the best brunch spot! A Bardot brunch is the perfect balance for indulging your sweet and savory taste buds. You can find something for any appetite – from small, pleasant plates to large, decadent entrees.

Dining Details

A waffle with berries and creme brulee and powdered sugar on top for brunch.

(Behold, the waffle that will steal your heart: The BERRIES AND CRÈME BRÛLÉE WAFFLE. It will be hard to resist devouring instantly, especially when you’re trying to take a photo for social media. Look at the powdered sugar, the fresh berries, and that dollop of custard with its crisp caramelized sugar!)


Collage of menu items from Euro Café, including brunch menu items.


Euro Café is a favorite family-owned business. It feels like a second home with their international cuisine and casual, warm atmosphere. The aroma of the food and sweet coffee greets you at the door. The menu is filled with Portuguese dishes and award-winning European desserts that are all made from scratch. Want to venture outside the Village? This is the spot! Located on Baseline, this friendly café provides a brunch experience that feels like a cultural celebration and a time for relaxation.

Dining Details

Portuguese egg custard tart pastry with a strong espresso.

Want to taste a traditional breakfast combo? Try the PASTEL DE NATA!! It’s a Portuguese egg custard tart pastry and its creaminess is complemented with a strong espresso. One of the owners, Joe, once joked that the Nata dessert is one where you take one bite and beg for more. He’s not wrong.


Collage of menu items from 42nd street Bagel Cafe, including breakfast foods, brunch foods and coffee.


In the “City of Trees and PhDs,” finding local businesses that are budget-friendly as a college student is a must. Located in the heart of the Claremont Village, 42nd Street Bagel Café is a wonderful place for a quick tasty bite. What’s surprising about this lovely family-owned restaurant is that their fresh bagels, made daily, are such a bargain! You can look forward to sitting outdoors on their patio, relaxing with a good book and bagel, and sipping on their rich, robust coffee. To top it off, the refills are free.

Dining Details

A toasted bagel with cream cheese, lox, tomato, red onion and a pickle on the side.

This is a favorite combo that regulars rave about. You can’t stop ordering the LOX, STOCK, & BAGEL! The Nova lox are a smoky flavored salmon with a buttery flavor that combines well with cream cheese, red onion, and tomatoes. It’s amazing with the pasta salad’s bright basil and red bell pepper flavors.


Collage of menu items from Walter's restaurant, including brunch items.


For over six decades, there hasn’t been a more iconic and historic brunch spot in Claremont than Walter’s Restaurant. It’s a popular place for a reason. With classic brunch options from bottomless mimosas to pancakes, it’s a fine dining spot for the family. However, what’s remarkable about the menu is not your traditional options, but the vibrant novelty of tasting flavors and cuisine from Afghanistan. You’ll be rewarded with spices, colorful dishes, and a homemade experience if you switch hash browns for Afghan fries.

Dining Details

Your adventurous appetite will be rewarded when you try the GANDANA BOLAWNIES. The starter consists of fresh leeks and potatoes in thin and crispy dough, served with a cilantro yogurt sauce. Also, you can drizzle their mint or red pepper chutney on top and you won’t regret it.


When it comes to the best breakfast and brunch restaurants, Claremont is a foodie paradise. The friendly community will welcome you with open arms and make your stay unforgettable. Discover all that Claremont has to offer when you choose from our ‘Best of’ breakfast and brunch list. These places are sure to satisfy any and all of your brunch cravings.