Welcome to Claremont, the village that’s like a European getaway right in the heart of Southern California! Picture strolling through charming streets that span 12 city blocks, lined with over 150 unique restaurants, bakeries, shops, day spas, art galleries, and even entertainment venues. You’ll wonder if you accidentally stumbled into a delightful European dream.

Local Dining

Hungry? Oh, we’ve got your taste buds covered, my friend! Claremont is a foodie paradise with over 70 eateries serving up a delectable array of cuisines. From American to Afghan, Argentinean to French, Greek to Italian, and Japanese to Lebanese—your palate will embark on a world tour without ever leaving the village. Best of all, many of these spots are run by passionate locals and even renowned chefs who’ll whip up dishes that’ll make your taste buds dance with joy.

Historic Buildings

Ready to embark on a journey back in time? Head to the Claremont Packing House, a historical gem that received a modern makeover in 2007. Step inside, and you’ll be greeted by a lively hub of shops, galleries, dining, and even nightclubs. Sip on fine wines at Packing House Wines, indulge in mouthwatering barbecue at Gus’s BBQ, or lose yourself in the literary wonders of The Claremont Forum Bookshop. You might even stumble upon a vintage clothing store or a cooking academy that’ll whisk you away to a bygone era.

Shop Til You Drop

Calling all shopaholics! Claremont is a haven for boutique lovers. Explore locally owned boutiques that curate hand-selected merchandise, from chic fashions to kitschy collectibles, antiques to gifts from around the world. Prepare to be dazzled by Fair Trade-sourced materials and treasures that’ll make your heart skip a beat. And don’t forget to check out the galleries and artisan shops in the Packing House and Old School House—they’re a treasure trove of artistic wonders.

Couple shopping in Claremont CA

Flora and Fauna

Nature lovers, rejoice! Claremont is home to the California Botanic Garden, a sprawling 86-acre paradise dedicated exclusively to native plants. Get lost among the 2,000 taxa of California’s botanical wonders, from the mesmerizing flora of the California Floristic Province to horticulture programs that’ll have you itching to create your own green oasis at home. It’s a garden that’ll make Mother Nature herself beam with pride.

Treats and Sweets

Craving something sweet? Sink your teeth into delectable treats from Some Crust Bakery or satisfy your bagel cravings at 42nd Street Bagel Café. Let your inner child indulge in hand-dipped delights at A Kline Chocolatiers candy shop, or dive into the magical world of Bert and Rocky’s Cream Co., where over 200 unique flavors of homemade ice cream await. It’s a sugary paradise you won’t want to leave!

A berry tart dessert at Walters Restaurant on a white plate with a red candied shell underneath it.

Wine and Cheese

Wine and cheese aficionados, rejoice! Head over to Packing House Wines for a world of wines and small plates that’ll make your taste buds tango. And don’t miss The Cheese Cave, a bustling shop offering dozens of cheeses from around the world, accompanied by their hand-pressed olive oils and a delightful selection of unique foods. It’s a match made in culinary heaven!

Bike-Friendly Streets

Pedal pushers, this one’s for you! Claremont is proudly hailed as a Silver Level Bicycle Friendly Community. Hop on your trusty two-wheeler and enjoy the tree-lined streets, marveling at historic homes and college campuses along the way. Ride into the village and discover the perfect eatery to refuel. And if you’re up for a challenge, tackle the same route as the Amgen Tour of California from Claremont to Mount Baldy. Let those calf muscles do the talking!

Pubs And Grub

When the sun sets, Claremont truly comes alive! As a college town, it knows how to keep the party going. Unique pubs with great food, live music, and televised sports await your arrival. Get your groove on at The Lounge at Casa 425, savor the “Best in L.A.” pub burgers and dark ales at the Back Abbey, or unlock the secrets of Walter’s “secret bar.” Claremont’s after-dark scene is a whirlwind of fun that’s all its own.

Businesses with craft beer spirits, cocktails, and wines in Claremont.


Ready for some dinner and a show? Look no further than the Foothill Blvd. corridor. The DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Claremont hosts The Orchard. Savor a delicious meal before enjoying DoubleTree’s Piano Piano, with its dueling piano bar straight from the Las Vegas Strip. You’ll be singing along in no time.

Seven World-Class Colleges

Did you know that Claremont is home to not just one but seven world-class colleges? These academic powerhouses produce leaders in business, government, and the professions. So, if you ever crave intellectual stimulation or feel the urge to dive into the minds of brilliant thinkers, you can rely on Claremont to satisfy your educational yearnings.

Relaxation Awaits

Need a breather? Head to the Claremont Village Square, the shopping, dining, lodging and entertainment destination nestled right in the heart of the Claremont Village Picture a delightful square surrounded by shops, restaurants, and the swanky Hotel Casa 425. But wait, that’s not all—there’s a modern art fountain that weaves its way through the square, treating your ears to the soothing symphony of water and providing the perfect space for picnics and impromptu dance parties. It’s like a hidden oasis of relaxation and fun, right in the heart of the village!

The Great Outdoors

Hey, adventure seekers, listen up! Claremont covers all your outdoor cravings. The Claremont Hills Wilderness Park is in its backyard, beckoning you to hike its scenic trails and reconnect with nature. And if you’re up for some wintertime shenanigans, head to Mount Baldy for some thrilling skiing action. The majestic San Gabriel Mountains are your playground, ready to unleash your inner explorer and fill your heart with pure outdoor joy.

A hiker at the top of a trail with arms up high because she can't believe she just finished her wilderness hike.

Free Parking

Psst…let us tell you a little secret. Claremont is a magical place in Los Angeles County where you can keep your precious quarters and credit cards safely tucked away. That’s right, Claremont offers something truly remarkable—free parking! So, leave your worries at the curb while you roam the city, knowing that your pockets will stay pleasantly jingle-free. It’s a small but mighty gesture of hospitality that’ll make your visit to Claremont all the more delightful.

So, my fellow adventurers, gather your picnic baskets, lace up your hiking boots, and prepare for a charming getaway where the fountain’s melody serenades your soul, the mountains whisper tales of exploration, and the parking woes simply melt away. Claremont welcomes you with open arms and a whole lot of whimsical charm.

Claremont Village in Claremont CA